Jeff Brazier

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15/08/13 New Magazine Jeff talks about his role as main host of This Morning for summer 2013. Article
09/07/12 Hello Jeff Brazier and Nicola Tappenden Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6
07/02/12 The Sun Goody spooks ex Jeff Article
05/01/12 Daily Mirror No longer daddy cool Article
02/01/12 Now Jeff wants to have a daughter! Article
29/11/11 Daily Mirror Crazy Christmas Article
20/10/11 Daily Mirror Keeping the kids busy Article
17/10/11 TV star Jeff Brazier’s skating tips to Coventry fans Article
17/10/11 Coventry Telegraph Skating fans get cool tips from TV ice star Article
17/10/11 Daily Star Jeff to boost Jade’s charity Article
13/10/11 Daily Mirror Soldiering on Article
06/10/11 Daily Mirror Bonding with my little boys Article
01/10/11 The Independent Magazine The boy done good Article 1, Article 2, Article 3
29/09/11 Daily Mirror Learn to say no Article
29/09/11 Hemel Hempstead Herald Express TV skate star Mark is heading this way Article
23/09/11 Coventry Telegraph Ice stars to show us how it’s done Article
22/09/11 Daily Mirror Simply the best for Freddy Article
22/09/11 UK Parents Lounge Jeff Brazier and friends on ice Article
08/09/11 Daily Mirror The boys are back in school! Article
25/08/11 Daily Mirror Starry eyed Article
25/08/11 Mamas & Papas blog Jeff Brazier - Summer holidays: what, where and how… Article
11/08/11 Daily Mirror The three of us Article
10/08/11 What's On TV Jeff Brazier and Jenny Frost to co-host OK! TV Article
05/08/11 Female First Jeff Brazier Exclusive Interview Article
04/08/11 AOL Jeff Brazier: How Showbiz Are You? Article
03/08/11 Metro Jeff Brazier launched the Disney XD Challenge at Westfield Shopping Centre Article
02/08/11 Milton Keynes Citizen Jeff Brazier to saddle up in MK Article
02/08/11 Closer I heart Jeff! Article
28/07/11 Daily Mirror Lost and found Article
21/07/11 Daily Mirror Freddy’s forever friend Article
19/07/11 OK! I’m passing on my skills to the boys Article
19/07/11 Closer Form a queue! Article
14/07/11 Daily Mirror Over to you, mum Article
10/07/11 You In a taxi with… Jeff Brazier Article
07/07/11 Daily Mirror Competitive dad syndrome Article
02/07/11 Evening Express Jeff stays cool as the Ice-man Article
02/07/11 The Weekly News Ice and easy does it for Jeff Article
30/06/11 Daily Mirror Oh, summer days Article
23/06/11 Daily Mirror Time to relax.. or not! Article
23/06/11 Aberdeen Evening Express Ice-cool school Article
19/06/11 Celebs on Sunday Every day is father’s day when you’re doing it on your own Article
18/06/11 The Sun (Travel) Flights, camera.. action Article
18/06/11 Closer Daddy cool! Article 1, Article 2, Article 3
16/06/11 Daily Mirror Sweet, precious sleep.. Article
09/06/11 Daily Mirror Where’s the daddy? Article
02/06/11 Daily Mirror This is the modern way Article
01/06/11 Hotspur Unbelievable Jeff Article 1, Article 2
28/05/11 Chelmsford Weekly News Jeff to launch ice dance classes Article
26/05/11 Daily Mirror Support is vital for exam-stressed kids Article
26/05/11 Essex Chronicle Get off your sofa and on to the ice Article
12/05/11 Daily Mirror The dreaded subject Article
05/05/11 Daily Mirror My kids are braver than me Article
28/04/11 Daily Mirror Our American Dream Article
21/04/11 Daily Mirror Skating school Article
14/04/11 Daily Mirror Sunny Sunday rituals Article
07/04/11 Daily Mirror Tissues at the ready! Article
02/04/11 Heat Jeff Brazier: Showbiz or normal? Article
31/03/11 Daily Mirror Brave Kay made me dream of a baby girl Article
29/03/11 Bella No one asks me if I miss Jade Article
28/03/11 More Two years on & I still feel the loss Article 1, Article 2
28/03/11 Star 60 seconds with… Jeff Brazier Article
27/03/11 Celebs on Sunday Every man should try running down the street naked Article
24/03/11 Daily Mirror The right direction Article
23/03/11 Woman Jade’s boys are better than ever Article
17/03/11 Daily Mirror Going out in style! Article
15/03/11 OK! I’m as close to being a mum as any man can be Article
14/03/11 Now We love our Ice bodies! Article 1, Article 2
14/03/11 MSN celebrity Jeff Brazier only a little disappointed to leave Dancing On Ice Article
11/03/11 Metro Brazier puts skids under Xtra Konnie Article
10/03/11 Daily Mirror Helping that real pain in the neck Article
08/03/11 Bella How my boys stay close to Jade Article
05/03/11 The Sun It’s a pain in neck for Jeff Article
03/03/11 Daily Mirror Tackling kids’ games Article
02/03/11 The Sun The Betty Brisk Interview: Jeff Brazier Article
01/03/11 Take 5 The Xtra Factor would be my dream job! Article
01/03/11 Now A-list advice Article
26/02/11 The Sun Jeff Off Article
24/02/11 Daily Mirror Dancing on thin ice Article
24/02/11 Daily Mirror The boys love to watch Jade on telly, it helps them remember Article
20/02/11 Sunday Mirror Claire has passed the mum test with Jade’s boys.. and then some Article
13/02/11 Sunday Mirror Jeff.. she’s my whirld Article
12/02/11 Buzz Page 5 fella Article
05/02/11 Daily Star I want Dan deal Article
31/01/11 New! Jeff’s secret lover revealed! Article
31/01/11 Star Having trouble with your package, Jeff? Article
29/01/11 The Sun I can see why rink’s so hot for romance Article
29/01/11 Buzz All the buzz on… Jeff Brazier Article
25/01/11 Best Not knowing my dad’s made me a better father Article
25/01/11 OK! Lord of the rink Jeff Article
24/01/11 Star My bum has got perkier Article
24/01/11 Jeff Brazier hints Dancing On Ice ‘twist’ will be a partner swap Article
22/01/11 Heat Torso of the week: Jeff Brazier Article
22/01/11 The Sun 10 things Jeff Brazier really can’t do without Article
18/01/11 Closer My pert bum is the best perk of DOI! Article 1, Article 2
18/01/11 Heat Jeff: I’m proud of my package Article
18/01/11 OK! I do the school run in lycra! Article 1, Article 2
17/01/11 New! Bobby and Freddy are proud of me! Article
16/01/11 Fabulous Daddy Cool Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5
09/01/11 Now Jeff needs a girl to help him plan ahead Article
17/12/10 Metro Television: What to Watch Article
17/12/10 The Scotsman Good intentions of ambassador Jeff Article
16/12/10 The Sun TV docu on my little brother was hardest I’ve done… Article 1, Article 2
16/12/10 Daily Mail Jeff Brazier: Me And My Brother Article
12/12/10 Buzz (The Sun) Superdaddy Jeff turns big brother Article
12/12/10 Sunday Times Pick of the day: Jeff Brazier - Me And My Brother Article
12/12/10 The Independent Jeff Brazier: Me And My Brother Article
12/12/10 Mail On Sunday Jeff Brazier: Me And My Brother Article
12/12/10 Mail On Sunday 2 Do we have the right to tell the disabled how to live? Article
11/12/10 The Times Jeff Brazier: Me And My Brother Article
11/12/10 Daily Mail Jeff Brazier: Me And My Brother Article
25/04/10 News Of The World Pals of Jeff Brazier have rubbished rumours he’s dating… Article
24/04/10 Take 5 Our kids are happy little men Article
24/04/10 The Sun TV mag Meet Superdaddy! Article
24/04/10 Now Jeff: I love being Superdaddy Article
24/04/10 Daily Mirror I’m mum AND dad now Jade has gone Article
24/04/10 Closer I feel helpless when the boys cry for Jade Article
13/03/10 Digital Spy Brazier: Sons will never forget Jade Article
10/02/10 Daily Star TV Jeff: my kids’ pain over Jade Article
01/08/09 TV Easy The No.1 Family Article
01/08/09 Heat The Heat Interview: Jeff Brazier Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4
01/08/09 Closer Snapshot Article
01/08/09 TV Quick Quick chat: Jeff Brazier Article
01/08/09 Star TV Good morning, Jeff! Article
01/08/09 Hot TV Stars Good morning, Jeff! Article
01/08/09 What's On TV GMTV: The No.1 Family Article
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01/08/09 TV Choice Family for-tunes! Article