• Nicola Adams OBE Prepares For Leeds Homecoming

    Nicola is scheduled to fight in Leeds for the first time since her amateur debut, on Saturday 13th May at the Leeds Arena.


    Pre-order your copy of Chris and Xand's new book!



    The top 8 X Factor finalists including winner Matt Terry, Saara Aalto, 5 After Midnight, Emily Middlemas, Honey G, and Ryan Lawrie, will embark on an arena tour across the UK from the 23rd February, starting in Nottingham, ending on 17th March in Brighton.


    Richard Jones' ITV Special, Operation Magic will air on 15th April 2017 at 6pm


    Collabro release their new album 'Home', out 3rd March.


    Catch up with all the BRITs red carpet and after party coverage with Clara.



    to host ITV’s brand new entertainment show Dance Dance Dance, catch it every Sunday 6.30pm


    Dengineers nominated for a BAFTA Kids Award for Best Entertainment show



    Starring in the brand new hit series 'Nurses Who Kill'



    Watch Lorraine's gorgeous new SS17 video for JD Williams



    Catch the new brand new series of Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Room on ITV.



    becomes the resident GP columnist for women's weekly; Best magazine


  • MEL B

    Presents series 2 of Lip Sync Battle UK on Channel 5, every Friday at 10pm

  • First Dates Series 6 returns


    Presents 'The Show' in conjunction with Matalan!

  • Lilah Parsons

    On the Capital Breakfast show with Dave Berry and George Shelley.


  • Jessica Wright

    to take part in ITV’s brand new entertainment show Dance Dance Dance, catch it every Sunday 6.30pm

Dr Ellie Cannon

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