• Matt Terry

    Announces debut single 'Sucker For You' released 13th October.


    The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life starts on BBC Two


  • Kimberley Walsh

    Face of new Give Up Clothes For Good campaign with TK Maxx & Cancer Research UK

  • Melvin Odoom


    To Present Good Morning Britain This Summer


    'Expedition Mungo' premieres on Discovery Channel UK on 12th September, 8pm

  • Matt Terry

    Features on Enrique Iglesias' new remix of 'Subeme La Radio' alongside Sean Paul


    Join Katie every Wednesday 9-10pm on Radio 1's The Surgery


  • Jessica Wright

    Launches her new fitness project 'FI7NESS By Jessica Wright'


  • Jenny Powell

    Signs to ROAR Global


    Emma joins the brand new series of Boyband for ABC this Summer


  • Louisa Johnson

    Her new release with AJR, 'Weak', is OUT NOW

  • Kate Garraway

    Brand new book 'The Joy of Big Knickers' OUT NOW!


  • Pixie Lott

    Brand new single 'Won't Forget You' OUT NOW!


  • Emma Bunton

    Launches Kit &Kin! High performance eco friendly nappies, nappy sacks and baby wipes


  • Will Mannng

    Capital DJ &The new BGT Digital Host signs to ROAR Global


    Order your copy of Chris and Xand's new book!



    Hosts the brand new series of Take Me Out: The Gossip every Sunday 9pm on ITV2


    Catch the new brand new series of Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Room on ITV.



    Presents 'The Show' in conjunction with Matalan!


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