ROAR Global are career Managers, representing people and their ideas.
We think big and aim high.

ROAR Global has a phenomenal reputation at guiding careers beyond what many others believe possible and increasing earnings for those we work with. Global Media has changed beyond recognition in the last 10 years and continues to change at an ever increasing speed. By having footholds across many genres of entertainment and media, ROAR Global is uniquely positioned to help people grow and develop with talent and creativity.

From presenters and actors, to musicians and sporting heroes - including London 2012 Olympic medallists - we're passionate about all the people we represent. We never stop working to deliver for our clients. And that's why they never stop working either - for broadcasters, publishers, brands, digital and commercial agencies worldwide.

There are no boundaries any more. Indeed by being one of the first to recognise this we have been able to bring our clients so much more than others working in similar fields.